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The 120 day program tune-up is composed of "moderate to low risk" youth who have been in the 6 month program before and could complete the program in a minimum of 120 days.

After moving from Intake level, each youth moves through Citizen, Deputy, and finally Executive level. The amount of time it takes for the youth to progress differs between each program due to the total number of points required to move from level to level.  Research shows it is important to match levels of treatment/services to the risk level of the offender.

Our youth at NCORC receive a minimum of 5.5 hours of school each day, Monday through Friday.  Physical conditioning and recreation is also a part of the daily schedule.  Each youth receives the following: More intensive
Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Thinking Errors Group, Self Management Group, Intensive Drug and Alcohol Intervention Group, Empathy Training Group, Pro-Social Skills Group, Basic Skills Streaming Group, Advanced Practice Skill Streaming Group, Conflict Resolution Group, Community Service, Independent Living Skills,  and NA/AA group if referred by therapist

120 day program tune-up youth are required to complete 15 hours of Community Service, 16  groups of each offered group Monday through Friday, 2 Overnight passes, 2 Weekend passes and accumulate the necessary points before being eligible for release. Aftercare plans that were developed upon the youth's admission are finalized prior to release.

Prior to any home passes, we would require a review hearing with the court.


120 day program tune-up