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The OYAS (Ohio Youth Assessment System) is used to evaluate a youth’s risk level. Once determined, the youth is placed in the appropriate program, 120 day program, 120 day tune-up, 6 month or 9 month .  If at all possible, we would like to have the Residential OYAS completed by our staff prior to the disposition hearing in order to inform the court and family of the youth's possible length of stay. An Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed with the youth within the first two weeks of placement.     

NCORC uses a cognitive behavioral approach utilizing a level system that is based on the Thinking Errors approach.  

The youth at NCORC are expected to take full responsibility and accountability for themselves and their actions.  Youth are confronted whenever they are exhibiting negative behaviors and are challenged to work hard towards making positive changes in their thinking, attitudes, and behaviors.  Our philosophy is to provide as many opportunities as possible for a youth to learn to make these positive changes as well as the motivation, support, and encouragement to do so.  However, it is the youth's individual responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities.  NCORC staff is always available to assist a youth with any problems that he may have while in the program.

Custodial parents or guardian of the youth are expected to participate in a minimum of five family sessions.  These meetings are used to discuss the youth's progress at NCORC and help with the transition from the facility back into the home.

Each court will receive bi-monthly progress summaries for each youth in placement at NCORC.  Probation Officers and other juvenile court representatives may visit their youth in placement at any time. Regularly scheduled meetings are encouraged between NCORC staff and Probation Officers.



120 day program120 day tune-up6 month program9 month program