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Visitation Rules

1. Visits will begin and end at the scheduled time. If you arrive late you will still be required to end your visit at the scheduled time.

2. Only guardians are allowed to visit if the youth is on the citizen level (orange) or on probation (yellow).

3. Deputies (green) and executives (blue) may visit with guardians, grandparents, siblings

4. All siblings (regardless of their age) and grandparents must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

5. Absolutely no weapons are allowed at the facility.

6. Guests must remove coats, hats and watches

7. All guests will walk through the metal detector.  The visitor may also be ‘wanded’ prior to the visit. All pockets must be emptied and placed in locker. Purses are not allowed in the room.

8. No mail, pictures, etc. can be exchanged during a visit.

9. Anyone intoxicated or high or suspected of being such will not be allowed to visit.

10. If a visitor is acting in a manner that is inappropriate, belligerent, or aggressive the visitation will immediately be terminated.

11. Those people not permitted to visit must remain outside the facility.

12. While in the visitation room, guests may not look through the windows to see other youth.

13. There is to be no discussion of other youth in this facility.

14. The hands of the youth and all guests must be in visible sight at all times (on top of table).

15. Youth cannot accept any gift, item, etc. from someone during a visit.


If any of these rules are violated, visitation with your son will be suspended until the circumstances are reviewed by the administration.